Staying Positive During Negative Times

Published: 28th January 2011
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If you haven't noticed lately, staying positive has become a bit of an art form in today's society. If you turn on the news, what do you see? As Frank Kern so brilliantly states, mostly Fear and Hate. It's a perfect example how society has become conditioned to Thrive off negative news. A few months ago Anthony Robbins came out with a brand new reality show called "Breakthrough With Tony Robbins." It was all geared around people having challenges in life, and Tony helping them empower themselves to overcome their mental challenges. Sadly, that show was cut after the second episode due to low viewership.

Since late 2008 the world has been experiencing some MAJOR mental shifts. Since that time, many people have become more aware (including myself) to check their mindset and what they're predominantly thinking about. So the big question becomes, how can you keep staying positive when it seems the entire world likes negative news?

Recently I've gone through some major shifts in my life. To such a large degree that I've seriously had to sit back, analyze my life, and make a major decision on where I need to be placing my focus and attention. Through this experience I've learned we are ALL effected on a mental level that is happening, even if you don't watch the news or read the newspaper. It's an energy thing. So with that said, Here are three simple steps for staying positive when it seems the entire world is focused on doom and gloom.

Staying Positive Tip #1 - Your Association

Jim Rohn has an absolutely awesome quote that I live by, "We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with." If you surround yourself with negative, I'm not going to change my ways kind of people, you're going to become exactly like them. Like attracts like. So, the polar opposite applies right! Yes, when you surround yourself with awesome people, you too will become absolutely awesome.

Now, you're probably thinking how can I create new friends that are empowering? In order for anything new to come into your life you've got to make the space in your life. So when it comes to association, it means letting go of previous relationships. Now this doesn't mean stopping contact with the people, it does mean you're going to have to invest more time with the people you want to hang around with.

One of the things I love to do is called The Attractor Factor. Write out on a sheet of paper "My Five Closest Friends" and then vertically write numbers 1 -5. Just leave it blank for now, and set the intention this space will be filled with empowering new people. So basically you've mentally and physically creating the space for "New." Then, every time that you build a great relationship with a new empowering friend, simply fill that space with their name. Please remember this is not about what YOU will get out of this, come from a space of giving and you will have more empowering friends than you can ever imagine possible.

Staying Positive Tip #2 - Being Grateful

Did you know that you cannot think positive and negative at the same time? Staying positive is much more than thinking positive, it's about being in flow and having a great mindset. The best way to replace the doom and gloom negative news is to be Grateful. Whatever you focus on expands, being grateful allows you to invoke so many powerful natural laws of the universe.

I recently setup a brand new Facebook page called The Gratitude Group. I highly recommend you head over there and start seeing all the amazing positive people. Especially taking some time to share with the world what you're most grateful for today. We'll see you over there!

Staying Positive Tip #3 - Do Something Awesome Everyday

When you think about this week what did you do that was totally awesome? I don't mean sky diving or bungee jumping. Maybe your idea of awesome was eating out for breakfast, or sending someone a random postcard of pure gratitude. I encourage you to break free from the doom and gloom by doing something in your life that's purely awesome everyday. For yourself, or for others.

Staying positive is based on you feeling good, because of the actions you're taking. Yesterday I went to Whole Foods and bought a incredibly awesome Vegan Fruit Muffin. Ok, it was $2.75 and while I was eating it I felt totally awesome. It's these little moments of awesome that allow us to feel we are living! Now, I'm not suggesting you eat McDonald's everyday! But do something that makes you feel good internally, so you can get more of that!

This world is filled with so many opportunities that I want to encourage you to keep staying positive and focus on living an absolutely amazing life. For more tips on staying positive Click Here.

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